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We provide a number of services that concern property law matters, including:

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    Providing clients with expert and practical advice as to their rights

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    Guiding clients through the various stages of each process

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    Provide comprehensive advice regarding ancillary matters such as business, company law and tax issues

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    Drafting the right documents, expertly drafted, whether required for litigation or a watertight settlement

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    Providing expert and forceful representation in court

Property Lawyer

Property Lawyers Melbourne

For consultations with a qualified and respected team of property lawyers Melbourne clients look to our firm

Work with a team of dedicated and understanding property lawyers in Melbourne

At Freeman Family Law we are proud to be one of the most respected and in-demand names for any and all matters regarding property aspects of family law.

Our firm was established over 20 years ago, since then our legal team has worked to provide unparalleled and leading services to all clients who are looking to achieve a fair and watertight property settlement which is to the client’s advantage.

When you need to protect your property and assets, then we are the team that you need in your corner. We fight tirelessly to represent and defend the rights of our clients and ensure they receive a fair and just ruling.

When it comes to finding a trusted family property lawyer, Melbourne clients want to be certain that they are working with a skilled and professional team. That is exactly why they turn to Freeman Family Law.

The property solicitors that Melbourne residents choose

When they require a personalised and professional service delivered by an accredited family law property solicitor, Melbourne clients can trust our local firm to deliver.

Our staff share more than 60 years of legal experience and possess a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the complexities and language of property aspects of family law. We provide our clients with the insight and guidance required to ensure an efficient, value for money and optimum outcome.

Our property settlement lawyers provide Melbourne clients with a tailored and proven service

The breakdown of a marriage is a conflicting and emotionally trying time for all involved, with many unique and important factors that must be considered if a fair separation of assets is to be achieved.

Many individuals often believe that representing themselves in any kind of settlement proceeding will be a simple and clean-cut affair, with an assumed knowledge of what possessions, assets and property belonged to which partner prior to the relationship.

However, this practise often leaves their case in a vulnerable position, often resulting in a final ruling against them and the requirement to shoulder the majority of the legal expenses.

Thanks to our experienced property settlement lawyers, Melbourne clients can find straightforward and measures service that is tailored to their circumstances, and provide them with a greater chance of a fair and just ruling in the appropriate setting.

Our staff fight to protect your rights and assets and work to ensure that you receive the share of the given property that you are legally entitled to. We are able to work more directly with other parties or clients involved, allowing a more respectful and progressive dialogue to exist in any forthcoming mediations or hearings.

Freeman Family Law is the firm that is trusted across Melbourne including in all big areas like Albert Park, Altona, Caroline Springs, Hawthorn, Hillside, Keilor Downs, Mornington Peninsula, Seddon, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Taylors Lakes, Williamstown, Yarraville, Richmond & more. ​

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Why Choose Us
  • Our local firm has been a trusted name in family law matters for more than 30 years
  • Our staff are led by Graeme Freeman, a respected legal expert and one of the most sought-after family lawyers working today
  • We provide comprehensive and compassionate legal representation, no matter how complex or difficult the case may be
  • Communication with clients is always clear, open and honest, ensuring they are always aware of the legal avenues available to them and the associated costs and charges
  • Our staff are specialised in family law and know exactly what is required in every case we take on
  • We guide our clients through each stage of their legal proceeding, helping them to navigate the intricate and dense language of the law and provide their case with the best chance of success
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Freeman Family Law has been assisting clients in Melbourne CBD, Yarraville, Caroline Springs, Hillside, Keilor, Albert Park and Taylors Lakes areas for over 30 years.
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