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​We frequently assist out clients with the following:

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    Writing binding financial agreements

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    Advising on a binding financial agreement prepared by another solicitor

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    Court orders relating to maintenance, property, and financial settlements

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    Obtaining consent orders

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    Obtaining a superannuation split

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    Dealing with a breach of existing orders

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    Negotiating with other party and/or their solicitor

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    Mediation and dispute resolution

Financial Matters Main

Let us get your property and financial matters sorted.

Separating your finances and dividing up your assets following the break down of a relationship can feel like a daunting process.

At Freeman Family Law we provide our clients with certainty as to their legal entitlements and expert advice during settlement negotiations with their former partner and/or their solicitor.

What are my entitlements?

The law provides a four step framework for how property should be divided following a separation. This same process is used during negotiations between family lawyers even if the matter is settled outside of Court.

Your family lawyer will be able to advise you as to your optimum entitlements based on the following factors:

  1. The size of the asset pool, including property, superannuation, bank accounts, shares and other investments, and smaller assets;
  2. The contributions of each party to the relationship including any assets you had at the beginning of the relationship, financial contributions, non-financial contributions (as a home maker or parent), and external contributions, for example gifts or inheritances from parents or family;
  3. Whether either of the parties has greater needs in the future, for example a disparity in earning potential, or is the primary caregiver of young children;
  4. Whether the outcome is ‘fair’ from a legal perspective

As every case is different the type of settlement you can expect will be dependant on the facts of the case. Having your family lawyer assess your situation using the ‘four-step’ approach will give you an idea of the type of settlement you should be aiming for with your former partner.

For more information or for a confidential discussion with one of our team of lawyers about your property and financial matters contact us today 

Why Choose Us
  • Our local firm has been a trusted name in family law matters for more than 30 years
  • Our staff are led by Graeme Freeman, a respected legal expert and one of the most sought-after family lawyers working today
  • We provide comprehensive and compassionate legal representation, no matter how complex or difficult the case may be
  • Communication with clients is always clear, open and honest, ensuring they are always aware of the legal avenues available to them and the associated costs and charges
  • Our staff are specialised in family law and know exactly what is required in every case we take on
  • We guide our clients through each stage of their legal proceeding, helping them to navigate the intricate and dense language of the law and provide their case with the best chance of success
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